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Chappelle Attacker Isaiah Lee Says He Was Triggered By Anti-LGBTQ Jokes

Isaiah Lee, the 23-year-old who attacked Dave Chappelle on stage at the Hollywood Bowl, says the comedian’s LGBTQ+ jokes triggered him. Lee, who has a five-year-old son, says that he personally identifies as “bisexual”. The young “rapper” decided that Chappelle’s jokes were distasteful and gave him the green light to attack the world-famous comedian. As a result of said attack, Lee was savagely beaten on stage which produced the famous picture of his arm twisted up like a pretzel.

In an exclusive interview with The New York Post, Lee said that Chappelle’s security team spit on him and “twisted” him as if on purpose. Some would argue that Lee’s treatment was warranted due to his unprovoked attack on Dave Chappelle. Lee also said that he initially went to the Hollywood Bowl to have a good time. This is a strange thing to say because Chappelle is known to crack jokes about anyone and everyone.

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If Lee attended a Chappelle show and got offended at nearly everything he said, then tried to attack him, then it doesn’t make sense to say that he went there initially simply for a good time. Lee was even armed with a knife that looked like a gun at the time. Isaiah Lee could be getting some coaching here regarding the “triggered by LGBTQ” jokes statement. Chappelle said he asked Lee why he did what he did immediately after the attack, and the story Dave got was one of Lee trying to raise attention for his grandmother in New York who was a victim of gentrification. The LGBTQ+ story could be fabricated in an effort to get the support of that community to reduce the prison time he is facing from an unrelated attack.

Chappelle also noticed Lee’s apparent state of mental illness. Lee’s family also commented that he was suffering from mental problems. Isaiah Lee himself denies that he suffers from mental issues. However, it is easy to judge Lee by his most recent actions and long rap sheet and determine that mental health problems are part of his life.


Isaiah Lee says he was ‘triggered’ by Dave Chappelle’s jokes

Chappelle Attacker Says He Rushed Stage Over Offensive LGBT Jokes

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