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AOC Deemed Stunning and Brave For Ted Yoho House Floor Speech

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Democratic House Rep from Bronx, New York, got into a confrontation with her Republican House colleague Ted Yoho from Florida’s 3rd District. Yoho approached AOC on the steps of the Capitol in DC and struck up a conversation about unemployment and the recent uptick in crime in New York City.

Yoho allegedly berated the junior Congresswoman calling her “disgusting” and “out of her mind.” AOC says as the Florida Congressman was walking away from her at the end of the conversation, he referred to her as a f**king b**ch. The full, uncensored phrase was repeated by AOC on the House floor, live on television. Not sure if that counts as an FCC violation or not.

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AOC’s fellow “squad” members Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar also spoke out against Yoho. All of them echoed sentiments about women of color being verbally abused by white, right-wing men as part of a general toxic culture. They played the victim which is not anything new or unpredictable. As a matter of fact, the entire situation is unfortunately predictable.

Yoho denies the allegation of cursing at AOC as he walked away from her, but he does admit the conversation did get heated. The Florida Congressman apologized for his demeanor and tone, but nothing more. The media, of course, don’t really buy his story but they take AOC’s word for it. Maybe there should be a thing like… evidence that behaves as the grand arbiter in this situation. But instead, what we have are obvious left-wing ideologues in mainstream media that present their opinion as fact.


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  1. I am offended as a woman, mother and Christian by the existence of AOC ! ( Another Outrageous Congresswoman) A true lady would have graciously excepted the apology and committed to working together with Congressman Yoho. AOC (Another Outrageous Congresswoman) wasted tax payers money again by wasting how man/woman hours when totaling everyones time to listen to her rant like a child. This man immediately and very humbly came out very publicly to apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding. If he referred to her as a FB is not very becoming of a man with his position or for any gentleman to use in any situation for that matter. I also believe that we have a prime case of reporters trying to fuel the fire. Maybe Yoho should get the reporter chastised for false reporting. AOC (Another Outrageous Congresswoman) used this for her own agenda and if anything happens to Yoho’s family she should also be held responsible. She all but put a bullseye on his wife and daughters back. How shameful to state that he is advocating for others to truly accost his family! You know darn well that with the mentality of some out there, that’s all they need to some how vindicate their crimes. Shame on you AOC (Another Outrageous Congresswoman) you disgust me and DO NOT stand for this woman!


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