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AOC Uses Her Grandma As A Political Prop To Attack Trump

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) went to Twitter to use her own granny (Abuela) as a political prop to attack former President Donald Trump. AOC says she hasn’t visited her grandmother in a year because of the virus. When she finally got to see how her “Abuela” was living, she was shocked. The US House Rep from New York slammed Trump for “blocking” aid to Puerto Rico while showing pictures of her grandmother’s home. The home was dilapidated allegedly from the devastating 2018 Hurricane Maria.

While an investigation did find that Trump delayed (or “blocked” depending upon which news outlet reports it) up to $20 billion in aid to Puerto Rico, the story does not end there. The Trump administration put restrictions on Hurricane Maria aid money due to the rampant corruption on the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans who live on the island understands the level of corruption. There were even large-scale protests against the former governor, Wanda Vasquez, due to corruption and mismanagement. Much of the physical aid that was sent to Puerto Rico went to waste due to the Government’s inability to distribute it properly.

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A writer from the conservative news outlet Daily Wire raised about $100,000 on GoFundMe for AOC’s grandmother. The fundraising effort was eventually blocked and all of the donors were refunded because AOC’s family refused the money. This may have been an effort at “trolling” or simply doing what the left does just to make a point.

AOC and other liberal politicians did something just like that when Texas had an ice storm. Thousands were without power and water during a time of freezing temperatures. They flew to Texas and raised money for those affected by the storm. The media covered it favorably for the out-of-state politicians while slamming conservative Texas senator Ted Cruz who took his family to Cancun.

Maybe the thought process is that the media will treat liberals and conservatives fairly but, of course, that will not happen. The media slammed Matt Walsh’s attempt as a “personal right-wing attack” against AOC. This whole drama with AOC using her grandma as a political prop and the media’s reaction further illustrates how in-bed leftist politicians are with the mainstream media. They alienate the viewpoints and efforts of regular people to praise anything a liberal person does. They also paint liberal “heroes” like AOC as the victim whenever something is done to them that they do to others.

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