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Black Father And Daughter Destroy Critical Race Theory On TikTok

A father named Kory Yeshua did a now-viral TikTok video with his daughter, Royalty, exposing the pitfalls of Critical Race Theory also known as CRT. Yeshua and his daughter spoke about how important judging someone based off of character and not skin color is. Yeshua also pointed out that kids do not see color, they see the person. Race is a sensitive issue that often gets complicated as kids turn into adults. CRT seeks to brainwash children from an early age (Royalty is six years old).

Kory Yeshua and Royalty appeared on Dave Rubin to speak about their hugely popular TikTok video. Yeshua said that the idea for the video came about as a response to an incident Royalty had at her school. The specifics of the incident were not given in the video but one can only imagine. School districts across the nation have become… infected with the ideology known as CRT. And most people probably do not have a firm grasp on what it is.

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CRT is an ideology that is masked by it’s practitioners as the practice of being “anti-racist”. If people speak out against CRT, they are often labeled as racist by high-ranking members of academia and sometimes even news media, especially if the critic is white. A core tenet Critical Race Theory is the villainization of white people. According to CRT, every white person is a racist whether they know it or not. Some whites may have “unconscious bias” where they do or say racist things toward people of color (nonwhites) automatically. Then there are the purposefully “racist whites. A person like Donald Trump is the poster child for racism under CRT.

On the flipside, CRT says that nonwhites are poor victims who cannot succeed because of oppressive white people. CRT also demands that Government step in to give nonwhites a leg up that was taken from them from historical wrongs of whites. An example of this type of ideology is the 1619 project by Nikole Hannah-Jones. She is a well-known biracial race soldier in academia. This is why Trump countered the 1619 project with the 1776 commission. UNC Chapel Hill denied Hannah-Jones tenure, probably due to the high-profile nature of her very racist CRT work.

Most regular people do not know much about critical race theory. Many may not even know that it exists at all. Kory Yeshua and his daughter Royalty, if nothing else, did a great job exposing CRT on a small scale to people so the alarm bells can ring. Every parent reading this and/or those who saw the one-minute TikTok clip should be doing their research to keep their children (and, quite frankly, themselves) away from the toxic ideology known ac critical race theory.

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