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Apple Settles “Battery Gate” Lawsuit For Up To $500 Million

Apple has settled a years-long lawsuit over “battery gate”, an allegation that the company intentionally throttled phone speeds to encourage customers to prematurely upgrade their phones. Apple says that they did send out “slowing” software updates for the iPhone 6 and 7 series as well as the first iteration of the SE series, but not maliciously.

They said the software updates were done with the intention of preserving the life of a degrading battery. Some say that Apple knew the battery would degrade after a very short period of time. This is an unfortunately common tactic used by companies called “planned obsolescence.” The idea is that critical parts of a thing are designed to degrade quickly so consumers must either replace a very expensive part or go out and purchase an entirely new thing.

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People who put in their claim for the class-action lawsuit on or before October 2020 may expect a payment of $65 to $90. That is, of course, if their claim was approved.


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