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AOC And The Squad Spent $1.2 Million On Security Despite “Defund The Police” Plea

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and “The Squad”, including Missouri Democratic Rep Cori Bush, have spent $1.2 million dollars on private security. This number is cumulative from eight members of the far-left Congressional clique and it dates back to 2019. Cori Bush and AOC have the lion’s share of the $1.2 million with about $730,000 and $270,000 respectively. Ilhan Omar comes in at a strong third with $125,000. This is interesting to note due to the fact that everyone in this group has been vocal about defunding the police. Their cries have been met with action in police departments across the country due to action from local politicians. The results have not been positive. Some major urban inner-city areas have seen a 25% spike in violent crime including assault, armed robbery, and murder.


Cori Bush explains her “defund the police” position – YouTube

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