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Apple Supports California’s Right To Repair Bill But Why Now

Apple supports California’s latest version of the “Right To Repair” bill in an unforeseen about-face. Apple is notorious for gatekeeping methods of repairing and even upgrading their devices. From the iPhone to the Macbook to the Apple Watch, Apple is known for refusing to allow these devices to be tinkered with by the common man. Their practice is to force consumers to bring their items to an Apple Store to get serviced. There is even a yearly subscription for service and repair that people must pay for called Apple Care.

“Right to repair” refers to the ability of consumers and third-party repair shops to service devices. In this context, a right-to-repair bill would make the often proprietary tools that Apple uses to repair and service available to non-Apple people. This would reduce reliance on the Apple Store. It would also take cash away from the services sector from which Apple makes $21.2 billion per year. It is not clear how much Apple Care and other repair-related services factor into that gargantuan number, as other “services” include Apple Music and the Apple App Store. However, to deny the financial ramifications would be foolish.

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Apple Unexpectedly Supports Right To Repair Act | Barron’s

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