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Will The Washington Commanders Become The Redskins Again

There is currently a petition with tens of thousands of signatures to change the Washington Commanders NFL football team back to the Redskins. Back in July 2020, the team became the “Washington Football Team” temporarily to break away from the Redskins brand. Several special interest groups and lobbyists made the claim that the “Redskins” name was offensive to Native Americans. The movement behind the name change became so mainstream that politicians jumped on board as well. After much consideration, the brand was officially changed to the “Washington Commanders.” The actual fan base, aside from those lobbying to have the name changed, remains split on the issue. There is an argument that the majority of existing fans of the team prefer the “Redskins” name, including a plethora of Native Americans.

At around the same time as the name change to the Washington Football Team, previous owner Dan Snyder and his family were forced out. The team was eventually sold in July of 2023 for $6.05 billion. Several news stories were published about an inappropriate workplace culture. Cheerleaders were allegedly used as “escorts” on team functions for high-priced clientele. The new ownership group, led by Josh Harris, was questioned about changes they may make to the team. Of course, the allegation of a toxic culture surrounding the team was addressed. There is also the issue of the team’s name and if it would ever return to the Redskins. Although a petition was signed by tens of thousands of people and submitted to the new ownership, any possibility of such a thing was almost immediately shut down.

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