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Arnold Schwarzenegger Says “Screw Your Freedom” When It Comes To Masks

Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger says “screw your freedom” when it comes to wearing a mask and other measures. The “Governator” made the controversial statement during a CNN interview alongside former Army Lt. Col Alexander Vindman.

This interview setup was interesting because there is no need for Vindman to be present, other than the fact he is now famous among virulently anti-Trump circles. Vindman’s presence may seek to shape the “anti-vax” narrative as one that is shared by conservative Republican Trump supporters. This, of course, is false because the largest unvaccinated groups of people in the country are blacks followed by hispanics. These two groups are not known for voting Republican.

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Schwarzenegger made a comparison to stop lights by stating everyone must stop for the safety of others and there is no freedom to bypass them. This argument is not much different than the “seat belt” argument or other existing rules and laws that society generally follows. Such arguments are flawed because seat belts and stop lights have no health impact upon those who are required to engage with them. Masks and vaccinations, however, do have actual health implications depending on the person and their pre-existing conditions.

A line must be drawn somewhere when it comes to what the Government can and cannot tell a person to do. To return to the idea of pre-existing conditions, a report suggests that 78% of hospitalized virus patients are obese. If the idea behind masks and vaccinations is to prevent the infection, spread, and disastrous results from the virus, then why not regulate obesity as well?

If the Government are given enough power, they may want to mandate lap band surgery or food rations. That would be a great way to force everyone to lose a tremendous amount of weight. Since the virus attacks the lungs, why not mandate cardiovascular exercises? If ICU space is an issue with the unvaccinated, then a way to free that up is to require healthy living. How about requiring condom use during sex? After all, nobody has the right to endanger someone else. Right?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s viewpoint on the role of Government may come from part of his upbringing. Arnold was born in 1947 and is originally from Austria. His father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, volunteered to become part of the Government of Nazi Germany. Of course, the entire family is apologetic when it comes to their involvement with the party. And it is difficult to judge someone’s motives for doing a thing long after the time that it happened. However, the main issue with the Nazi Government (aside from all of the killing) was authoritarianism. The “papers please” mentality permeated that environment. A lack of freedom was commonplace. Maybe some of that mentality existed in Arnold’s father and passed down to him?


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