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Atlanta Dealership Sells Stolen Car To A Man, Then It Gets Repossessed

An Atlanta metropolitan area dealership sold a recent college student an Audi A6 that was reported stolen in Ohio. Police showed up at the home of Demetrius Howard with questions about the vehicle. On the body camera footage, a deputy can be heard explaining to Howard that the vehicle does not pop up as stolen when he checks in the Georgia registry, but the vehicle had been reported as stolen. The deputy went on to say that he is “clean as a whistle” but that he would still have to take the car. Police towed the vehicle away, leaving Demetrius Howard in a tough situation.

The young man had already paid Evolution Cars for the used Audi A6, fair and square. Police told Howard that he would need to get his money back from the dealership. The dealership refused, basically saying that Howard is on his own and that he should hire a lawyer. Local News visited the dealership to speak to a manager, Luis Diaz. He stated that Evolution Cars did everything by the book and followed all of the laws that the State of Georgia requires. The news reporter told Diaz that there is no law preventing them from giving the young man his money back. The manager gave a slight giggle but did not relent.

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Demetrius Howard did eventually hire an attorney and he took Evolution Cars to court. The court ordered that the dealership pay Howard $4,500. Wells Fargo Bank, the company that financed the loan, also stepped in to make things right. They removed negative reports from Howard’s credit after he stopped making payments due to the vehicle being taken by police. They were also able to work with Howard to make him “financially whole.”


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