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Instagram Streamer Pranks Cars With Fake Jerry Can, Gets A Surprise

An Instagram streamer by the name of Tre Sellers nearly got shot after a prank that went wrong in a parking lot. A friend of Sellers recorded him pouring liquid out of a red jerry can onto cars with people inside. Naturally, people are going to think that any liquid that comes out of such a can is gasoline. All it would take is a spark to set the car on fire.

This prank was done to capture the reaction of people, whether it be fight or flight. One person decided to get on the phone, possibly calling authorities, and run away from Sellers. Another person, a man in a big rancher pickup truck, decided to fight while using his Second Amendment rights. Thankfully, Sellers didn’t get hit with a .45 caliber bullet from a 1911 handgun. However, things could have most certainly gone wrong if cooler heads didn’t prevail.

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Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter: “Live-streamer is filmed pouring fake gasoline on cars as a prank before someone pulls a real gun on him.” / Twitter

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