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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms DESTROYS Rioters!

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms addressed the ongoing mayhem in her city following the death of George Floyd. While the people destroying the CNN Center, Lenox Mall, and other places in Atlanta claim to be simply “protesting,” they are actually rioters. Lance Bottoms, a liberal Democrat, called these rabble-rousers out for what they are. Rather than trying to perform mental gymnastics and excuse their behavior as some sort of righteous protest.

Anarchist apologists across the United States on television and off have every excuse in the book to protect the rioters. Racial inequality is often spouted out. The poor black victim trope gets trotted out like a worn-down racehorse. But there’s an obvious problem with that. Aside from the race excuse being next to invalid at this point, it does not fit the visual reality on the ground of these riots.

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Most of the bussed-in people rioting in Atlanta and other major cities across the United States are white. Several mostly-white subversive groups, like ANTIFA, are well-organized and paid to engage in destruction. Black Lives Matter has made a resurgence. But the funny part of a group with “Black” in the name is that most of them are white.

So you have predominantly white groups mobilizing themselves to black areas with the purpose of destroying. Then black liberals go on television and say their behavior is justified. All the while ignoring the true source of black misery, which is violence upon one another. Amazing.

Keisha Lance Bottoms advised the rioters to fight what they see as oppression in the voting booth. This is a cut and dry, logical solution. Destroying things accomplishes nothing. Most sane and rational people, regardless of political affiliation, should be on board with her message.

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The fact is that rioters in Atlanta do not care about George Floyd. They don’t care, or quite frankly, know much about his death at the hands of police in Minneapolis. If they do, their primary concern should center on the well-being of his family. How about a GoFundMe page to help pay for his funeral and any last expenses? That would be the appropriate thing to do rather than steal and destroy in his name. And judging by the words that Floyd himself recorded and uploaded to social media, destruction is the last thing he’d want.

Read George Floyd’s autopsy results here:

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