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Officer Derek Chauvin Arrested For George Floyd’s Murder – Now What?

The man responsible for 47-year-old George Floyd’s death – Officer Derek Chauvin – has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. His arrest comes amidst chaos and destruction in Minneapolis due to the death of Mr. Floyd.

So-called “protesters” say they demand justice in this case. While others don’t say anything and are simply in Minneapolis to wreak havoc and steal.

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Chauvin’s arrest was met with mixed reactions. One segment of the population concerned with the story is happy that some movement is happening and justice may be served. Another segment is upset that third-degree murder is the highest charge. They want first-degree, maybe even capital murder as the charge.

Off With The Chauvin’s Head

Those that want very high murder charges seem to operate off of emotion and not much else. A prosecutor even came out and said that there could be evidence in the case that would prevent any criminal charges from sticking to Chauvin.

In order to gain a favorable outcome, the rules cannot be ignored. And rules regarding murder are different from state to state. Third-degree murder is defined as causing the death of another through a dangerous act “without regard for human life but without intent to cause” death.

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Chauvin expressed no sense of responsibility towards Floyd’s humanity while pressing his knee on his neck. Bystanders pleaded with the officer to render Floyd some medical assistance. He refused. That may be enough to either charge manslaughter or third-degree murder.

In Minnesota, manslaughter is not much different than third-degree murder, with the exception of a couple of things. First, third-degree murder involves a “depraved-heart,” which is usually better defined as “malicious indifference.” A lack of care for a person’s well-being, while doing a thing that could cause serious bodily harm or death.

Manslaughter is generally defined as death caused by a negligent accident. This could also fit what Derek Chauvin did.

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What’s The End Game Here?

Rots and protests may not end any time soon in Minnesota, even after the arrest of the officer. “Thugs” bussed in from out of town, mostly white and liberal, appear to have an agenda totally unrelated to the incident between the officer and George Floyd. They use Floyd’s name as a battle cry to enact lawlessness on the streets.

Regular people want justice for George Floyd. What happened to him on tape is difficult to watch and even more difficult to explain away. Over the coming days and weeks, the extent to which Chauvin will be prosecuted will be known. That should be the only focus. Not random, subversive groups with ulterior motives nor corrupt DC politicians exploiting this tragedy for their own benefit.

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