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Attorney Ben Crump Has Interesting Solution To Crime In The Black Community

Attorney Ben Crump proposed a solution to the issue of high crime that is plaguing the black community. He said it is easy to identify criminals if laws that target specific groups of people are created. Crump brought up Eric Garner, who lost his life after struggling with police outside of a store when he was accused of selling loose cigarettes. He also brought up George Floyd, whose death happened after a struggle outside with officers that started after he allegedly tried to pass off a counterfeit dollar bill inside of a store. Conveniently, Crump left the part about the fake bill out and brought up the cigarettes in the store to link the case to Eric Garner.

It is essential to understand the context of the Ben Crump conversation. He was speaking to a group of black men for an MSNBC special called “Black Men in America, Road To 2024.” The purpose of the special is to rein black men back in and stop them from straying away from the Democratic Party. Although the black community, as a whole, still overwhelmingly votes Democratic, some signs show this bond breaking, especially among men.

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Ben Crump’s talk that essentially promotes lawlessness in the black community is not a thing that conservative-leaning black men want to hear. Criminality in the community has exploded since “defund the police” movements have taken root all over the nation. And to infer that the only way to reduce crime is to make crimes that black people do legal is insulting to many conservative black males.


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