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Woke Liberal Hosting Black Migrant Family Says The Mother Is A Great Cook

A Boston-area woman appeared on television for an interview with the Haitian migrant family she is hosting. The woman is white and apparently single, living in an apartment in the posh Brookline suburb. Other families in this area have been taking in migrants, many of whom were sent to Boston and have been sleeping on the floor of Logan Airport. The family featured in this NBC 10 interview spoke Spanish to the interviewer. This is most likely because they have lived in Chile for an extended period after the Haitian earthquake forced large swaths of the population to flee.

The woman hosting this family made an interesting admission about the family to the reporter. She said that she is enjoying the family and it is like having your own “personal cook.” This comment took off on social media due to the reminiscence of slavery. Such arrangements of free food and board were given to house slaves in return for domestic labor duties and no pay. This is the same scenario here. Of course, none of the barbarism of chattel slavery is attached to what’s happening here, as there is no need for that any longer.

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