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Austin BLM Protester Shot And Killed After Pointing His Rifle At A Driver!

A Black Lives Matter (BLM) protester in Austin, Texas named Garrett Foster was shot after a confrontation with a driver on the road. According to reports, the driver was simply going from point A to point B when he encountered a BLM “protest” happening in the street.

The driver did not speed through the crowd of protesters, he stopped and honked his horn in an effort to pass. The protesters didn’t let up and continued to not only block the road but surround the driver attempting to get through.

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According to witness statements and video, Garrett Foster pointed his gun at the driver’s car during the time the driver was stopped in the center of the street. This is where things get tricky. A couple of different stories are available online as to what happens next.

Wars and Rumors of Wars

The first story is that Garrett Foster fired his AK-47 style rifle five times into the still-unnamed driver’s car and missed every shot. Then, the driver shot his pistol three times, shooting and killing Foster.

The second story is that the driver fired first because Foster was pointing his gun at him while the other “protesters” surrounded his car. Another “protester” fired his gun at the driver’s car as it drove away. Which explains the video of five loud gunshots and then three lower-caliber gunshots. Austin Police back the second statement up themselves.

Romance Story Told To Soften The Aggressor

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Mainstream media tend to believe the second story but with modifications that make Foster appear to be the victim. Stories from mainstream media outlets focus on Foster’s fiance, a quadruple-amputee black woman. And since Foster is white, the narrative painted by left-media is that he was non-violent, non-racist, and a dedicated boyfriend to his disabled black girlfriend.

In reality, Foster gave an impromptu interview a short while before the incident in question. Foster revealed an entirely different personality in that interview. He expressed that the opposing side would be too… “afraid” to come down and do anything about the so-called “protests.” Obviously, he was wrong, and he’s dead now. Unfortunately. But when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.


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  1. You play with fire you get burned I have no sympathy for the man shot none!! My sympathy and compassion is to the man and his family that was forced to defend themselves. Now they will have to go through a nightmare of legal issues to come and they (just think of St. Loius couple). Not to mention will he retain his job retaliation by the media. No sympathy Foster can rot in Hell.

  2. It is just Gods way of cleaning the gene pool. He pointed a loaded rife at a man while his friends the “protestors” were surrounding the car. Lesson learned.

  3. You need to reread what you wrote regarding the ‘stories’. The 5 shots are from the A.K. which means Foster fired first. No doubt. And the 3 lower volume shots are the response because they came from a handgun (Rifles are INSANELY loud in comparison to handguns). That the driver survived to respond to the A.K. is a miracle, and another reason to conceal carry.

  4. JC,

    There was 10 seconds between the first round fired of the string of 5, and the first round of the string of 3. It seems unlikely that Garret would stop firing and give the victim that much time to return fire. I agree that the shots came from two different firearms, but I just don’t see the guy letting off 5 rounds, then just hanging around for 7 seconds while the other party draws and returns fire. I wasn’t there, so my opinion means squat, but I’m having a hard time imagining the scenario playing out how you’ve stated.

  5. I replayed it and headphones on after 3 combat tours 11B 8active 14 reserve the AK has a very distinct report yes first shots imo AK 47 anyone who has trained with that weapon and had it fired at ya AK.

  6. Isaac , what you said makes sense…but if someone fires an AK 47 at you, it takes 3 or 4 seconds to pull your gun out from seated position and then 1 or 2 seconds to aim proper….and if he already fired at you, fuck the 7 second gap…he intends to kill you….so you fire 3 into him before he fires AGAIN and actually kills you and get away…so i think its very possible

  7. ability opportunity and Jeopardy is the way your training most police departments this guy with the AK-47 had that ability the opportunity and the giffany to do serious damage and pointing at someone his intention was to kill in my book so if you got a handgun and you going against an AK-47 you better be on top of your game.

  8. Normally I feel bad for people when bad things happen but not for this guy. Only a fool thinks everyone is scared, and soon as you run into one that is not, you can bet it wont be pretty.

  9. Here is the thing no one is talking about. Who is the person that yells “every one backup” before the first 5 shots. Who was the person that yelled this, where was this person standing, and why did they yell it. I would guess it would be the first shooter giving a warning to others around him, and sound some what similar to the guy in the second video. The first weapon which fire 5 rounds sounds very much like an AK given my experience. Then after those 5 shots you hear a ting sound which is hard to tell what is it. It could be the second shooting racking a round into the chamber, or the first shooter clearing a jam. Then there is a second firearm fire 3 rounds go off that sound more like a semi-auto pistol. Also during that 3 rounds a 3rd weapon is fired towards of the end of that set of 3. The third weapon sounds like a revolver of some kind given the sound. All of this happens in seconds and i am only going by the sounds that i can hear.

    Now other things that are being noted in all of this we know there were 2 shooters detained by police. So this accounts for two of the firearms being shot, but not the third. Given no one else was detained this could be the deceased that did part of the shooting as well. People have noted the deceased was shot 3 times, have not found a source for this part of the story yet, but would match the second 3 rounds shot. The last shot is the the third shooter who was the deceased friend likely.

  10. I was listening to the same thing, out of long training. The ping sound is very similar to a heavy brass casing hitting concrete, much sharper than a smaller handgun casing would sound like.

  11. Hello ABL:
    I have two thoughts here: 1
    This is Texas son, We don’t play this mess here, we carry and if threaten we will shoot your ass.
    2nd the only reason their was this protest. Because of all the snowflakes that moved here from California. Please take your unemployed sorry ass back to California.

  12. Marshal, ever thought that someone in the crowd was trying to tell people to let the car go through,, “hey everyone back up’, let the car go through> IF it was as you are assuming, shooters or people watching what “MAY” go down are not going to tell people to “back up” that is absurd. After listening to dead guys short interview, he would of told people to get the F### away, not to “back up”, same as a spectator would say.

  13. What on earth is the idiot doing with an AK-47 at a supposed peaceful BLM protest? And wth was he thinking to shoot into a car like that? The driver was lucky to survive and Foster died because he couldn’t aim to literally save his life!

  14. Did you get a strike for the doctors talking about mediation that I guess will get people canceled for talking about?

  15. The feel good story of the month, possibly quarter, year. I like a happy ending. So glad he’s dead. He was just begging to kill someone. He deserved it, 100% Next…………..

  16. Why do liberal rioters make the assumption the conservatives will not protect themselves?? In Texas, less than 20% in total are liberal… Wyoming less than 18% are liberal, and in Wyoming, there are more guns issued by a factor of 3-5 depending on the town/city than there are residents of those towns/cities. Just two examples—-the nation as a whole is more conservative/moderate than liberal but the MSM is 100% liberal….which is why no one watches them…
    In most states that have conceal carry—-everyone should assume that people carry—-and are well trained to use those conceal carry guns. Note: Conservatives join the US military by a ration of 2 to 1 over liberals…..and Texas ranks second in the country to the number of veterans who live in this state.

  17. LOL @The MuffinWoman Poor baby pooped its pants.. do you need a diaper change lil baby? Now GFYS native indian and hawaiian murdering Buffalo Soldier hypocrite chickenshit snowflake.


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