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Black Man Shot And Killed Days After Trump 2020 Sign Confrontation!

A 60-year-old black man by the name of Bernell Trammell was shot and killed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin just days after he was involved in a confrontation over his Trump 2020 hand-made sign. The shooting happened in the middle of the day just outside of his Expressions Journal storefront that he maintained since 1995.

Who Was Bernell Trammell?

Trammell was a well-respected and well-known community fixture known as a “Rasta street preacher.” Locals say that Trammell was outside every day with a sign displaying some sort of message. His shop was filled with a variety of signs, ranging from Bible verses to Black Lives Matter. Trammell was never known as violent or aggressive. He was always kind and polite even to those he disagreed with.

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Just a few days before his untimely death, Trammell was involved in a scuffle over his Trump 2020 sign on a Milwaukee street. A young black man approached Trammell with a sign of his own that said “SIKE” to pose as a counter to his Trump sign. In a video recorded just two hours before his death, Trammell stated that the young man stayed around for about an hour until Trammell left the scene himself. Trammell did return to the corner after a while, and the young man was gone.

Why Did This Happen?

On Thursday, July 23rd, 2020, Bernell Trammell was shot and killed outside of his storefront in the middle of the day. The motive is unknown but retaliation over his Trump 2020 sign is suspected, especially since a confrontation over the sign happened just a few days earlier. Trammell was not known to have any enemies and everyone generally respected him even if they disagreed with the variety of signs he had, most of which are Bible scriptures.

Some officials in Government have called for a Federal investigation into the matter, which is appropriate. Trammell’s death most certainly could have come as a result of his overt political affiliation. Attacking someone (and most certainly killing them) due to their political beliefs should fall under a civil rights violation and potentially a hate crime.

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Another black man was stabbed but survived in Portland, Oregon, also most likely due to his political beliefs. The man who stabbed him is white and appears to be some sort of ANTIFA supporter who has already been in jail for improprieties with children.

Developing Pattern

Bernell Trammell’s story as well as the young man in Portland would both be headline news if not for their apparent conservative political viewpoints. George Floyd had three funerals with a golden casket during a time where normal people can’t be with their dying loved ones in their final days, let alone have one full funeral with all family members present. And it’s a shame that things have to be this way but that’s the reality of the world at the moment.

May Mr. Trammell rest in peace. If you have any knowledge of the incident in question, please contact your local police department.


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  1. I first read this story on Epoch Times then immediately came to your website to get more information. Your are 100% right he was murdered. Over people’s blantant open and get away with it hatred for President Trump. Not a mention in well need I say it marxist MSM!…just sickening. A way to honor this man’s sacrifice get out in November and vote Trump.

  2. In the Bible, it says that we are to be witnesses, in Greek, it is Martryr. It means we are to die for Christ. This man is a martyr, I hope that he has justice served.

  3. If this isn’t a Federal Hate crime what is? If 15 FBI Agents can investigate a garage pull , surely 5 can be assigned to this!

  4. There is a 40 min copy of the doctors interview video at Armstrong Economics .com. Go to his Blog link at the top. From July 28, there is a post about YTube and the doctors. I won’t post the links here…. because, their censorship.


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