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Baltimore City State’s Attorney Fights The Media Instead Of Crime

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby filed an FCC complaint against a local fox affiliate for “slanted” and “racist” news coverage of her office. The three-page complaint only mentions infractions that came from a local Fox affiliate. Critics of the FCC complaint say that Mosby should focus more on fighting crime than fighting the media. Baltimore is one of the top five cities in the country for violent crime, drugs, and poor education.

Marilyn Mosby has a committed stance against prosecuting “low-level” crimes. Since 2015 when Mosby was brought on as the city’s State’s Attorney, there have been 2,000 murders and only 300 convictions. This flies in the face of her office’s claim of having an 85% murder conviction rate. While there may be a high conviction rate of those who are charged, the difficult part is actually getting someone charged in the first place. Once the dismissed murder cases are factored into the equation, there is about a 55% conviction rate. This number does not include the very low “clearance rate” (solved murders) of about 28%.

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Drugs have been a scourge upon Baltimore for decades now. Heroin usage and selling are out of control, yet Mosby claims a 20% reduction in violent crime. The narrative Mosby would like to spin is that her method of not prosecuting low-level offenses has achieved less crime in Baltimore, but that is not true. Police are simply turning a blind eye to offenses that would normally be prosecuted. Instead of criminals going to jail or prison where they belong, they are allowed to commit more crimes. When criminals are actually arrested and prosecuted in Baltimore, they are getting slaps on the wrist for punishment. This method of law enforcement helps nothing but the numbers coming from the office of Marilyn Mosby.

Fox 45 News in Baltimore has simply been pointing these clear facts out. Instead of addressing them head on, instead of admitting that her crime “experiment” has failed, Mosby simply pivots to the claim of “racial harassment”. FCC Comissioner Brenden Carr released a statement condemning Marilyn Mosby’s complaint as a “direct attack on free speech”. This is, of course, undeniably true. Attacking the messenger does not invalidate the message.


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