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Barack Obama’s 60th Birthday Party Sparks Controversy

Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party at his sprawling 30-acre Martha’s Vineyard estate sparked a tremendous amount of controversy. The initial guest list for this star-studded affair hovered around the 400 number, not including the 200-person staff needed to work the event. Obama and his leftist political allies are some of the loudest voices in the pro-vaccine, pro-mask camp. Nancy Pelosi herself attended this party. So of course, the controversy centers around the obvious hypocrisy. How are the main people telling average Americans to reduce gathering sizes, stay inside, and wear masks doing the exact opposite of that… in an extravagant way?

After news of the estimated crowd size broke to the media, the Obamas quickly scrambled to “scale it back”. The final number of guests and staff is not quite known. However, several pictures from inside the event “leaked” (before being deleted) that gave some clues to crowd size. There were still quite a few people inside of the “outdoor” structure, contrary to the news of “scaling back”. And as a side note, it is difficult to consider a gigantic tent with walls and windows as an “outdoor structure”. This seems more like a PR loophole to skirt COVID restrictions than an actual attempt at having an outdoor venue.

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Several entertainers, including Erykah Badu, posted pictures and videos from inside the birthday party. These were quickly deleted. Probably because if any pictures and/or video revealed the party’s true crowd size, then that would add to the PR nightmare.

A white house correspondent appeared on television and added more fuel to the fire herself. She said that the crowd was “sophisticated and vaccinated” in response to hypocrisy over crowd size. As if anyone who thinks the Obamas are hypocritical and/or dangerous are uncivilized heathens who add nothing to society. The correspondent’s words shouldn’t invoke anger in anyone who hears them. Her words simply illustrate how the “elite” political class thinks about their “subjects” also known as constituents.


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  1. I don’t resent anybody being successful and buying big houses and whatever. That’s what America used to be all about. Except when “public servants”, who basically are paid by us taxpayers with a mediocre 6-figure salary, come out the other end of the bureaucracy with millions of dollars that they’ve skimmed and scammed out of the system. Then somehow they can still influence our lives with these mask mandates and crap, while the hypocrites don’t even pretend any more to follow their own mandates. People like the obama’s suck hard, and I don’t understand how anybody could even consider them praiseworthy.


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