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White House Promotes Vaccines Through LGBT Instagram Influencer Benito Skinner

The White House has sunken to a new low by promoting a cringe Instagram influencer by the name of Benito Skinner. This influencer is also a comedian with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and other platforms. One of the characters he portrays in several online skits is called “Gen Z Intern”. This character is portrayed as flamboyant (Skinner is LGBT) with long, colorful fingernails. Since Skinner appears to be a leftist and is promoting the agenda of the White House, he probably won’t be accused of mocking black women in his skits although that is clearly happening.

The purpose of this skit is clearly to promote the vaccine. The White House has already announced that they will be reaching out to influencers in an effort to “get shots in the arms of every American” and that is exactly what’s happening. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is also in the skit, portraying herself. An interesting moment in the skit is when Skinner (Cooper in the skit) places his legs/feet up on a desk in a White House office. One of the January 6th protesters struck a pose just like this and was promptly locked up in a DC jail afterward. Maybe this is a shot at one side of the aisle to say that the other side can do what they want.

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Studies show that vaccine hesitancy has reduced at a higher rate among lower-educated minorities (black and Hispanic). This skit may just be the result of research pointing to the efficacy of brainless social media posts. If the purpose is to get more “shots in the arm” of the least vaccinated, then lower-educated minorities will be the target.


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Benito Skinner (@bennydrama7) • Instagram photos and videos

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