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Biden Administration Refuses To Arm Israel Over The Rafah Strike

The Biden Administration is refusing to arm Israel with specific weaponry, including heavy bombs, over their invasion of Rafah. The southern Gaza city on the border of Egypt has long been considered off-limits by the United States Government. Israel has previously threatened to conduct raids in this region with the IDF. The United States and other world powers have consistently pleaded that Israel did not attack this area. Unfortunately, the IDF is currently conducting operations in the region. This has prompted the Biden administration to hold back supplying weapons to Israel.

On the flip side, the US Government has lifted weapons sanctions on Qatar and Lebanon. Israel and Lebanon have had long-standing militaristic tension that could escalate at any time. The United States appears to pick winners and losers in the conflict due to refusing to comply with specific demands. Such “diplomacy” is often frowned upon, especially during conflict.

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