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Onyx Atlanta Strip Club Looted Of $250 In Cash After Thieves Cut A Hole In The Roof

Thieves stole $250,000 in cash from locked safes inside Onyx, an Atlanta strip club. Police say crooks cut a hole in the roof early Sunday morning and proceeded to use heavy power tools to cut into the cash safes. They spent about two hours in the establishment before they got away with the loot. Surveillance cameras captured them leaving, as well as some of the heists. Onyx is usually open late, but they closed on Sundays, which explains why there was no presence at the establishment at 4:30 a.m. This heist is similar to the Garda World armored truck facility heist in Los Angeles earlier this year. That heist, however, was much worse as the crooks got away with $30 million. Suspects in either case are unknown at the time of this article’s writing.


Brazen burglars steal $250k in cash by cutting hole into the roof of Onyx strip club – WSB-TV Channel 2 – Atlanta

Thieves steal $250K from Onyx strip club through ceiling – YouTube

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