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Biden Administration To Build 20 Miles Of Border Wall In Starr County, Texas Amid Poor Polling Numbers

Joe Biden’s administration is building at least 20 miles of border wall after the President repeatedly said he wouldn’t build one more foot in 2020. The section of wall will be built in the Starr County, Texas Rio Grande Valley sector. This news comes on the heels of several cities nationwide complaining about the out-of-control migrant crisis. New York City has taken in over 110,000 migrants or “asylum seekers” in the past year. Chicago is facing civil unrest after constant protests from citizens about migrants taking over important community locations. Critics of the Biden Administration’s move on the border wall say this is happening to shore up negative polling numbers relating to immigration.

Joe Biden was recently asked if he thinks that border walls work and his response was simply “no.” This obviously contradicts Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who released a statement saying that a physical barrier and roads were necessary on the Southern Border to prevent unlawful entry. Biden was asked why the border wall was built despite his assertion that they do not work and his response is that money had already been earmarked for it and couldn’t be reversed. This is also contradictory because over 25 federal laws were bypassed to begin construction of the wall in Starr County. If federal laws can be simply cast aside, then so should earmarked funds.

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