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Roanoke College Women’s Swim Team Protest Against Trans Athletes Joining

The Roanoke College (Virginia) Women’s Swim team is publicly protesting against trans athletes participating in women’s sports. This comes after a biological male who competed with men at the same college took one year off to transition and then tried to join their team. Ultimately, the trans person was unsuccessful, but not after a whirlwind of drama and chaos.

Women on the team say that leadership at the College and the NCAA left them out to dry. There was no support or communication. The young women were forced to deal with the issue on their own. Only after countless sleepless nights, crippling anxiety, scary situations, and other events that created lasting negative effects was the person officially off the team. The young ladies of Roanoke College’s Women’s swim team do not want this type of thing to happen to them or anyone else again, so they are going public with their story.

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Former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines made an appearance at their press conference to help. Gaines captured quite a bit of notoriety after her run-in with the now infamous Lia Thomas, another biological male who became female and joined a woman’s college swim team.


EXCLUSIVE: Roanoke College women’s swim team captains reveal ‘demoralizing’ struggle to try and convince trans student not to compete on their squad | Daily Mail Online

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