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Biden Embarrassed The US On A World Stage At G7!

Joe Biden embarrassed the United States on a world stage while at the G7 Summit in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. G7 features leaders of seven nations identified as “liberal democracies” with advanced economies. These nations are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

The European Union has had representation at these events since 1981. Since G7 was held in the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson was able to invite other countries to attend G7. Johnson selected Australia, India, South Korea, and South Africa. The G7 summit is a time for world leaders to meet and have serious discussions about world issues. There are, of course, moments for photo opportunities and international media interaction. G7 is also a giant world stage with eyes from around the world on it. Leaders of nations absolutely must appear to be strong.

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The optics of a strong leader represent a strong nation. Donald Trump most certainly gave off the impression of a strong leader, therefore a strong nation during his visit to G7. Joe Biden, however, did not come off strong at all. He came off as bumbling, confused, and quite frankly… pretty silly. Boris Johnson introduced the President of South Africa by his name, which is Ramaphosa. Shortly after that, Biden interjected that Johnson should introduce the President of South Africa. As if he didn’t do that already. Johnson had to correct him like a child. It was embarrassing.

Pictures arose of Joe Biden’s wife Jill at his desk with all of his briefing papers. This is an unheard-of thing. President’s wives generally don’t do much other than pet projects and appearances at places for the sake of publicity and the morale of a nation. Jill Biden appears to have been what one may refer to as a “shadow” President because she probably has a greater handle on what’s going on than he does. The Vice President, Kamala Harris, did not attend. Instead, she spent a few days before G7 embarrassing the United States over in Central America. Even mainstream leftist media called Harris’ trip a “disaster”.

All of the embarrassment that leaders of the United States as spreading around the world needs to come to an end, sooner than later. This is why term limits are a great thing. Bad leaders cannot lead badly forever. Or, at least, they shouldn’t be able to.

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