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Jon Stewart Pushes The “Lab Origin” Theory On Stephen Colbert’s Late Night Show

Jon Stewart made an appearance on his friend Stephen Colbert’s late-night talk show and began to speak about the “lab leak” virus origin theory. Stewart pointed out what many regular Americans have viewed as the obvious for the past 16 months. It makes sense to think that maybe the virus did not originate from a random place in the wild like… a bat… and then somehow make its way to humans. Maybe, just maybe, the virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology since the outbreak started in… Wuhan. Colbert was visibly nervous when Jon Stewart spoke more and more about the “lab leak” theory.

The mainstream media have been warming up to the idea of a “lab leak” to explain the origins of the virus. This may have been spurred on by the release (not leak) of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails. The Freedom of Information Act has allowed us to see that Fauci explored the idea of a lab leak as soon as the virus happened. As Jon Stewart said, to think this simply makes sense. If a deadly novel coronavirus happens in an area that researches on deadly coronaviruses, logic says that the lab is the first place to check. Not outside of the lab at a random “wet” food market.

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Although the media are warming up to the idea of a lab leak, this was most certainly not the case this time last year. Anyone who said anything other than the “wet market” theory was labeled as a right-wing misinformation merchant. They were essentially tarred and feathered. This brings about a million-dollar question. What would the media’s motive for this be? Former CDC director Robert Redford brought up the fact that scientists like Fauci tend to grab onto one hypothesis and may refuse to let it go. This is actually anti-science, but let’s set that aside from now.

Another reason the media may have stifled the “lab leak” theory early on could have simply been out of spite for the administration at the time. The people who control The New York Times and other left-leaning publications are not scientists. They are journalists in a dying industry. These people often have a chop on their shoulders and axes to grind. One would think that a person’s morality would prevent them from playing politics with a deadly virus, but what morality can be placed upon a person who has no moral compass? The failures of handling the pandemic have been multifold and the full extent of these failures may not be known for years to come.


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