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Biden Falls Up The Stairs To Air Force One

Joe Biden fell up the steps to Air Force One on Friday, March 19th, 2021 on his way to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA. Biden appeared to be doing the same type of lively “jog” up the stairs that he has done in recent times to show off his agility even at the age of 78. However, he took quite a few stumbles until he outright fell onto the stairs with both of his feet off of the ground. The 78-year-old President got back up to his feet and was apparently fine afterward. The mishap may appear minor, however, that is not necessarily the case when it is put into proper context.

Whenever President Trump (and other Presidents before him to be fair) made a mistake like falling or almost falling on public, it was always big news. Just about eight months ago when Trump gingerly walked down the ramp at West Point after being on stage for hours, mainstream media made wild allegations and asked even wilder questions. Some thought that Trump was experiencing Parkinson’s disease and that he may be unfit for office due to medical reasons. Reality is, he was taking his time down the ramp to prevent from falling down the slick surface in his shoes with leather soles. The media relentlessly covered Trump’s ramp descent for weeks.

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Will the same media and leftist social media influencer treatment be given to Joe Biden that was given to Donald Trump? Most likely not. The hit pieces came out almost instantly after the Trump footage hit the internet. Most of the mainstream media are trying to explain away Biden actually falling on the steps to Air Force One by talking about the wind or attempting to appeal to emotion by citing his age. It is actually surprising that social media posts featuring videos of Joe Biden falling down do not have “fact check” links added to them yet, but it is still early. Biden’s stair tumble just happened, so there could be action taken by social media to “slow the spread” of the video.


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