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People Are Quitting Their Jobs Because of Stimulus Money

People across the United States are deciding to quit their jobs due to stimulus checks hitting their bank accounts. On top of the $1,400 checks for individual people, parents are eligible to receive $1,400 for each of their children and another $1,300 for each child in Earned Income Tax Credit. A family of four could rake in $8,200 in total money. This, of course, is a ton of money for people who work very low-wage jobs and are not used to having that amount of money at once.

In addition to the large amounts of cash from checks that people are raking in right now due to the “coronavirus relief package”, there is also the extension of unemployment insurance. People who are unemployed are eligible for up to $600 per week in unemployment payments. This equals up to $2,400 per month and over $28,000 per year. That amount of money is more than what most low-income workers make even at full-time hours, which most of them do not get.

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In normal circumstances, if a person quits their job, they would not be eligible for unemployment benefits. The rules now, due to the virus, state that a person may be eligible for unemployment if they quit their job for a “good cause”. This, of course, is very vague and is up to whoever has the final say to make a judgment on what a “good cause” is. The incentive for low-wage workers to simply quit their jobs and not work is too obvious to ignore. What is the purpose of working when the government will pay you more to do nothing?

To a short-sighted person, taking government money and refusing to work makes all of the sense in the world. But to those with longer vision, this does not make sense. First of all, the money a person receives from unemployment insurance and stimulus is finite. It will run out. And when that money does run out, what will be the next course of action for someone who has abandoned their job?

People who quit because of stimulus money may want to return to the job they had before their “extended vacation”. However, they may not have factored in the completely open Southern Border and the threat from Congress to pass mass amnesty for illegal aliens. Millions of people could soon flood the job market all at once. So if there are a bunch of openings available, they will be taken by those who desire to work instead of those who do not desire to work and have been coddled by the government with expensive printed money.

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