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Biden Says “Latinx” People Are Afraid To Get Deported And Won’t Take The Shot

Joe Biden made waves on social media again on Thursday after saying Latinx people are afraid to get the shot because they fear being deported. The 78-year-old President made the remarks at an event in Raleigh, North Carolina. The purpose of the event, at least at that moment, was to encourage vaccination. Biden was attempting to draw conclusions on why blacks and Hispanics have lower vaccination rates than whites. So the “scared of deportation” angle appears to be the best he could come up with for Hispanics also known as “Latinx”.

There are also some interesting remarks here about blacks and their vaccine hesitancy. Biden actually started off fairly decently… well… sort of. He said that blacks are “used to being experimented on”. The phrasing here is obviously not very smooth. It is not like black people are inherently crash test dummies. However, the point Biden attempted to make about blacks being vaccine averse was taken. Black people have “long memories” and remember experiments like Tuskegee. Now where Biden went left and off the proverbial cliff is when he said “Tuskegee Airmen”.

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The Tuskegee Airmen was a group of black fighter pilots in World War 2. They have nothing at all to do with the Tuskegee experiment. The Tuskegee experiment was presented as the path to cure syphilis that started back in 1932. But it wound up being a study to see how men died over years with the infection. A cure for the illness was discovered halfway through the experiment and the men were given the cure. It was conducted by the US Public Health Service in conjunction with Tuskegee Institute (a black college, by the way). It was one of the worst scandals in the history of the United States Government.

Attempting (and failing) to bring up historical references to try and empathize with people and emotionally manipulate them to get the shot won’t do the trick. What Joe Biden should do is focus on the efficacy of the vaccine. People are hesitant to get the vaccine because of the negative effects that have been documented on mainstream media. It is also very new to the market. History has warned us that new things may not work entirely as advertised because there are still quite a few “bugs” to work out. Ensuring the public of a safe and effective vaccine should be the only path taken. All of that other stuff the Biden administration is attempting to do is clearly not working.


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