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Woke Army General Defends Critical Race Theory In The Military

US Army General and 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, is under fire for defending critical race theory in the military. Milley says that he, as a white male, wants to understand “white rage”. He continues to say that members of the United States military come from the people. So it is important to understand the nature of people and what may have caused the attack on the Capitol.

Mark Milley’s line of thinking assumes that the “attack on the Capitol” was fueled by race. Just because the majority of people there were white does not necessarily mean that is what they were driven by. This type of assumption based on observation is prototypical “woke” behavior now found in corners of the military. Milley lashed out at the idea of the military becoming woke. Although, judging by his remarks, the military is most certainly headed in a woke direction… if they are not already overtaken by “wokeness”.

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The issue of critical race theory being spread in the military was brought up by Matt Gaetz and several other lawmakers. Gaetz asked a specific question about Air Force Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, who was fired from his post at Space Force after warning about critical race theory in the military. Mark Milley responded to the questions and directed his comments to Matt Gaetz. Mainstream media will see this as Gaetz attempting to score points for his “side”… but this is truly about the safety and security of our great nation. A “woke” military is an unprepared military.

The term “woke” may be just as confusing as “critical race theory” to some. Being “woke” refers to people who believe far-left ideals such as critical race theory. They go above and beyond the call of duty for the LGBTQ+ community. A “woke” parent is the type to take their infant child to Drag Queen Story Time. This is an event where adult males dressed as drag queens read books to children in public libraries. These parents’ rationale is that they don’t want their baby to be homophobic… so they introduce them to adult entertainment at an early age.

This doesn’t make logical sense but in the mind of a woke person, it does. As a matter of fact, an example of how “woke” the military has become is the Drag Queen Performance held earlier in the month at Nellis Air Force Base. General Milley says that understanding white rage is essential to military readiness. The proponents of the drag queen show at Nellis AFB said the same thing about their event.

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Critical race theory and general “wokeness” lead to one obvious conclusion. Outright racism. Defenders of critical race theory say that the “work” they do is essential for proper education. Mark Milley loosely alluded to CRT being an extension of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. This is not the case. Actually, the exact opposite it true. CRT breeds racism. Ultimately, the end game of CRT is to create a class system based on race.

There is an attempt to target whites and push them down a rung or two in order to elevate “people of color”. So outright (verbal) attacks on whites are fine. And it is usually whites themselves that do this. A prime example is Army Lieutenant Col. Andrew Rhodes (who is white, of course) allegedly telling troops that “white people are the problem”. This is nothing more than racism and it should not be tolerated in the United States, especially not in the military.


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