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Biden’s Post-Afghanistan Attack Press Conference Was A Disaster

President Biden appeared before the public at the White House for a press conference following the tragic incidents at the Kabul, Afghanistan airport. A total of 13 US servicemen have been lost so far including twelve Marines and one Navy Medic. The event may have come about due to public demand. All scheduled events and the usual Jen Psaki press conference were cancelled earlier in the day. Biden came out to the podium much later than usual at around 5:30pm Eastern Time. What happened next can be described as nothing else other than a disaster.

Biden appeared before the podium looking like he had just risen from sleep or like he desperately wanted to sleep. His energy level was extremely low. Maybe the unusually “late” time to start the press conference is to blame for his lack of energy. Whatever the explanation may be, Joe Biden did not look good at the press conference. He attempted to connect with everyone watching by using empathy. Biden brought up his deceased veteran son, Beau. This was deceptive because his son did pass away and he was a veteran, but he was not a combat veteran and he did not die as a result of military action. He was sick with brain cancer.

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After the low-energy “speech” from Biden was over, the Q&A section started. This is actually something unheard of in recent days, weeks, months. Biden usually reads a few words from a sheet of paper and/or teleprompter to the press and then he walks away. The problem is that Biden continued to read from a sheet of paper to call on reporters to receive their questions. He also telegraphed this move by saying something to the effect of “they’ve given me a list” then “the first person I’ve been instructed to call on is…” Totally embarrassing. If the President must be “instructed” to run a press conference, how would he be able to run the country without this very same “instruction”?

Maybe Biden understands that his image around the country and around the world is becoming tarnished. Although he is the President, respect for his leadership is becoming more and more non-existent. He is seen as an empty suit and nothing more. So after a handful of questions from pre-selected “journalists”, Biden decided to call on random people in the crowd just as Donald Trump would do during his time in office. When Biden called on Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, they engaged in a back-and-forth exchange. This spawned one of the most defining moments of Joe Biden’s Presidency.

Joe Biden decided to clutch his notebook with both hands and then bring his chin/nose area to the intersection of his fingers. To make it a little plainer, Biden basically retreated into an invisible turtle shell while being grilled by Peter Doocy. This image has now gone viral all over the internet. And it is most certainly an image that is seen by the entire world, not just US citizens. So the obvious question here is as follows. If Joe Biden cannot even handle a Fox News journalist, then how is he going to handle Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping? Only time will truly tell, but the outcome appears to be predictable.

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