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UK TV Station Warns Parents About Terms Like “Normie”

UK TV station ITV recently did a segment focused on dangerous online communities that use certain key phrases like the word “normie” and “based”. The context of the show is that someone committed a violent act in the UK and apparently they had frequented “edgy” online forums. The ITV host presented the aforementioned key phrases as a way to warn parents that their children may be involved with dangerous people. She went on to mention that these words also signal racist and supremacist people. A grey-beared man appeared on camera next to her to nod his head in approval.

These news hosts are totally off with their news coverage. To their defense, they seem to be parroting mainstream media in the United States. Instead of focusing on the real dangers that manifest themselves in the online world and spread outward, they simply pick low-hanging fruit. Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA have been a thorn in the side of the US and other parts of the world for years now. Dozens of dead bodies and billions of dollars and damage have been directly caused by them. Hundreds, if not thousands of other dead and/or injured people are indirectly attributed to their political aspirations of “defunding police”. But instead of focusing on ways to combat that actual scourge, all attention is given to “racist” online communities who share edgy memes.

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Yes, there are some areas of the internet that one would stumble upon and deem as racist. But racist in what way? Racist like KKK or actual Neo Nazis in prison gangs? Absolutely not. These guys don’t operate much online. The online guys mainstream media focus on typically just post edgy memes and use racial slurs to get attention. If they ever escaped their basement they wouldn’t harm a fly. There are occasional people like this who do violent things, but nowhere near enough to truly be concerned about. Their outbursts of violence are simply enough for leftist-controlled media to have a diversion away from the actual problems in society that they sweep under the rug.


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