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Bill Maher Destroyed Over His Awful Take On Inflation

Bill Maher received a quick lesson on the impacts of inflation in the United States from fitness expert Jillian Michaels. The inflation topic was just one moment during a nearly two-hour conversation on Maher’s Club Random Podcast. Maher started this portion of the talk by saying that the United States had “won” the pandemic economically. Michaels questioned his assertion, saying she doesn’t feel that way. She then asked him to explain it because inflation is “insane.” Maher disagreed that inflation was insane, and the conversation took off from there.

Bill Maher is obviously wealthy and has been rich for a long time. Maybe it is difficult for such a person to understand the reality of inflationary pressures on regular people throughout the country. Jillian Michaels brought up excellent and apparent examples of how much the cost of everything has risen in the past few years. Housing, vehicles, and food are all costly. Maher asserts that inflation is partially caused by printing and spending trillions of dollars due to the virus but has decreased in the past six months. Most working Americans would most likely disagree with his take.

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Jillian Michaels | Club Random with Bill Maher – YouTube

Chief Nerd on X: “MAHER: “We won the pandemic economically.” MICHAELS: “We did?…I feel like inflation is insane.” MAHER: “Inflation is not insane.” MICHAELS: “Bill, go buy a car. A house has tripled here. Buy some f*cking eggs.” 🤣 @billmaher @JillianMichaels” / X

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