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Woke Boston Couple Allow Migrant Family To Live With Them

A Boston-area couple has allowed a migrant family from South America who previously slept on the floor at Logan Airport to live with them. The couple live in the expensive Brookline suburb and have a beautiful home. During an interview with CBS Boston, the Stokes family said they saw images of migrants suffering at the airport and decided to step up and help.

The Stokes encourage others to do the same. The wife says the migrant family is loving and appreciative. However, the couple acknowledged the risk of signing up to do such a thing. They stated that within one hour of volunteering their home for migrants, a family was at their door. They did not know where they came from, how many of them there were, any particular language barrier, or anything of that nature.

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Many people will find such a story heart-warming and endearing, but it is also an enabling behavior. Providing housing for migrants will incentivize more people to cross the border illegally under hazardous conditions.


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Brookline couple hosts migrant family, encourages others to do the same – YouTube

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