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Biographer Says Obama Wrote To Ex-Girlfriend About Gay Fantasies

David Garrow, the man who wrote Barack Obama’s 2017 biography “Rising Star”, gave an explosive interview that may have revealed the former President’s latent homosexuality. In an interview published on Wednesday, Garrow told Tablet magazine that Obama had written an ex-girlfriend a letter containing some startling information. The letter has apparently been verified and is currently in the custody of Emory University. One paragraph of the letter, however, is redacted. According to Garrow, the ex-girlfriend said the censored section had something to do with “homosexuality.” Garrow was able to utilize a connection at Emory to discover the contents of the redacted section of the letter. What he discovered is that the former President allegedly wrote about fantasizing about sex with men.


Obama Once Wrote To Ex-Girlfriend That He ‘Repeatedly Fantasizes About Making Love To Men,’ Biographer Says | The Daily Caller

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