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Black Civil Rights Activist Bob Woodson Has Interesting Perspective On Reparations

Black civil rights activist Bob Woodson shared an interesting perspective on the idea of reparations and other topics on Dr. Phil. The concept of reparations for slavery is a very sensitive topic in the United States. There have been arguments for the better part of one hundred and fifty-plus years over the issue. Some organizations and individuals are adamantly against reparations while others are the polar opposite.

One thing that is sort of uncommon is to have black civil rights activists give a detailed and nuanced view of the situation. Usually, people like this simply demand reparations without much explanation. Bob Woodson, however, is a civil rights activist in his late 80s who exposes elephants in the room on the subject. One of the most obvious questions about reparations is… who pays? Another question is… what obvious problems do reparations solve if doled out?

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Much of the conversation in modern times regarding reparations come from the Democratic Party. Their objective is to issue empty promises in an attempt to gain or maintain votes from the black community and other groups who are observing from the outside looking in. Through all of the dishonesty and unnecessary quarreling, it is refreshing to have people, like Woodson, who approach “reparations” with a clear, open, and honest perspective.


Civil Rights Activist Says He Doesn’t Support Reparations For Black Americans, Need To Look Toward Future | Dr. Phil

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