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Black Chicago Residents Denounce Joe Biden And Praise Donald Trump

During recent street interviews, black Chicago residents expressed displeasure toward Joe Biden while praising Donald Trump. Quenton Jordan of the Black Conservative Federation traveled to the southside of Chicago to ask who people think is better for the country, Trump or Biden. Quite a few people stated that Biden has done nothing for the United States and that things were much better under Trump.

Just a few years ago, so many black citizens expressing their appreciation for Trump in public would be unheard of. There was a fear campaign sparked against the former President to paint him as a racist, although he was beloved by the black community for decades. The propaganda that rose to the surface during the 2016 campaign is becoming less effective due to the performances of both Trump and Biden as President being available to scrutinize.

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However, it remains to be seen if the enthusiasm toward President Trump will translate into votes. The black community, especially in very liberal cities like Chicago, has been voting at a 90 to 95% rate for Democrats for the past 60 years.


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