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Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Defends “Electeds Of Color” Holiday Party

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu has defended her decision to host yet another “Electeds Of Color” Holiday Party, excluding whites. Controversy over the event started when an email was sent to all City Council members inviting them to the event that was meant to exclude whites. Another email was sent out after the mistake was discovered, effectively disinviting white council members. One of the disinvited people appeared on television and said that this was divisive, especially since there are already some issues with unity on Boston’s City Council.

Some media outlets are reporting that Michelle Wu issued an apology over the holiday party, but that is sort of misleading. She apologized for the confusion over the email, but not for the exclusionary party itself. Wu says the party has been happening for the past ten years with no problems. The only mistake was the email which had to be fixed with a follow-up. Other “electeds of color” appeared on television to defend the party. One Hispanic member of the City Council said that he doesn’t care who’s feelings are hurt over the situation.

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