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Boy Suspended From School Over His Mother’s OnlyFans Account

An elementary school-aged boy was suspended from school because of his mother’s “secret life” appearing on OnlyFans. The mother, Sara Blake Cheek, says the school’s administration refused to communicate the specific reason why her son was suspended. As a result of the suspension, Cheek was forced to homeschool her son. This case is very similar to another mother with an OnlyFans account named Victoria Triece. Triece was well-involved with her children’s after-school activities as a volunteer. When one of the other parents found out about what she does in her free time, they complained to the administration. The complaint got Triece banned from volunteering. Triece and Cheek may both be seeking legal action against the local school board and/or their respective county Government due to unfair discrimination.


School suspends boy after finding his mom’s OnlyFans content – Dexerto

‘My 7-year-old son was suspended from school because I do OnlyFans – enough is enough’ – Daily Star

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