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Georgia Democratic State Senator Calls Clarence Thomas “Uncle Tom”

Georgia State Democratic Senator Emanuel Jones referred to Clarence Thomas as an “Uncle Tom” during a hearing over Senate Bill 69. This bill (now law) was set in motion to place a statue of Thomas at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. Clarence Thomas is, of course, a native of the state, hailing from the Savannah area. He is also one of only three black Supreme Court Justices including Thurgood Marshall and the recently appointed Kentaji Brown-Jackson. Emanuel Jones brought up the “Uncle Tom” slur because he says Clarence Thomas does things that “suppress” the black community. Jones did not name these things, though. Furthermore, Jones says that he does not even know the actual origin of the “Uncle Tom” phrase. If he picked up the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and read it, then maybe he wouldn’t have had an issue with Clarence Thomas at all.


Georgia Senate approves proposal to install Clarence Thomas statue at state Capitol

GA State Senator Calls Clarence Thomas “Uncle Tom”During Statue Vote – YouTube

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