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Brian Stelter Out At CNN After The Network Cancels “Reliable Sources”

Brian Stelter is out at CNN after the network canceled his show called “Reliable Sources”. It is not yet clear whether this was a mutual, amicable split or if Stelter was forced out. Stelter routinely took to Twitter to boast about the show’s ratings. Those ratings may not have been as good as he initially thought if the show was cancelled and he no longer has a place on CNN. “Reliable Sources” was originally a CNN+ show. After CNN+, a streaming service from CNN famously crashed and burned, “Reliable Sources” was then moved to CNN. News of Stelter’s removal from the network comes just a short period of time after former CEO Jeff Zucker and former anchor Chris Cuomo both left.


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Brian Stelter, CNN chief media correspondent to exit the network

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