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Canada Introduces Legislation To Ban The Sale Of Handguns

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, has introduced legislation that will ban the sale of handguns. This move was inspired by the recent mass shootings “south of the border” (as Trudeau put it) in the United States. Canadian citizens who currently own handguns will not be required to give them up but they will not be able to buy any more… at least not for a while. This measure appears to be temporary but of course, it could easily become permanent. Trudeau also announced the reduction of long rifle magazine capacity to five rounds. Airsoft rifles (and possibly pellet guns) have also been banned in Canada. Trudeau says there will be resources allocated to control the flow of illegal weapons as well.

Joe Biden had a curious take on the issue of handguns, or at least handgun ammunition. While Biden did not directly speak on Trudeau’s announced legislation, he appeared to approve of it in his own way. Biden gave his opinion on the most popular type of handgun ammunition, 9mm, and said that it is much more dangerous than the popular “.22” ammunition. He said something about the 9mm ammo being able to “blow someone’s lungs out” but the “.22” ammo would just stay lodged in a lung and it could be easily removed.

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His take was difficult to really understand but the core of it appears to fall in line with what Trudeau said. If Biden is in favor of “regulating” or banning the most widely used ammunition for handguns, then simply banning handguns would be the next step. Maybe the outright ban of handguns wouldn’t even be necessary if the ammunition was taken away. It is the near equivalent to what Trudeau is proposing with limiting long rifle ammunition to five rounds when the most popular magazine capacity for those weapons is 30.


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