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H3H3 Podcast Suspended From YouTube After Ethan Klein Threatens NRA Convention

The H3H3 podcast was suspended for one week by YouTube after Ethan Klein threatened the NRA convention. Klein, in a short clip, said that somebody should “bomb” the convention. The incident in question happened during one of the podcasts Klein records with his wife, Hila. Klein says the 10-second clip that wound up getting his channel suspended was taken out of context and the longer footage shows that he immediately dismissed the comment. He attempted to dismiss the threat as a “joke” to not be taken seriously. However, many of his other comments appear to coincide with the threat that he issued toward the NRA convention.


Ethan Klein on Twitter: “I want to make it clear that I don’t advocate for violence of any kind. That is obvious to anyone that watched the segment & not just the 10 sec clip that was used to misdirect attention. Republicans are now the party of dead children, and nothing can misdirect away from that.” / Twitter

Ethan Klein on Twitter: “Conservatives got triggered over jokes I told & mass reported me. I got banned for a week and the episode was removed. If only they cared about dead kids as much as they do jokes… So I wanna say sorry. Sorry y’all are such pathetic snowflakes. Fuck the NRA & fuck Abbott🖕” / Twitter

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