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Canadian Man Baffled Over $50,000 Cost To Replace EV Battery

A Canadian man was totally baffled over an estimate of over $50,000 to replace the battery on his 2017 Hyundai Inoiq electric vehicle. Simrat Sooch of Stoney Creek, Ontario says he purchased the vehicle as the second owner. At the time of this purchase, there was plenty of warranty remaining. The car had about 69,000 kilometers and the warranty covered the electrical system and battery until 160,000 kilometers. Unfortunately, as the warranty window began to close, issues with the vehicle started to creep up. Electrical issues began to mount up until the car would no longer charge. This happened at 172,345 kilometers, just outside of the warranty window.

Simrat Sooch was quoted over $50,000 to replace the battery in his vehicle. This included taxes, labor, and the battery itself. A brand new Hyundai Ioniq costs right around that same price. He was given the choice to replace the battery or scrap the vehicle. He chose the latter. He was given $1,000 for the scrap. Hyundai did, however, step in at the zero hour to offer Sooch the cash value for the vehicle that he wound up scrapping or another Hyundai. This action most likely took place due to the news being involved. Hyundai may have seen this as an opportunity to put out a fire and also boost public relations.

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