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Cardi B Complains About Inflation After Endorsing Biden For President

Rapper Cardi B went viral on Twitter after complaining about the high price of food, specifically lettuce. Her complaint was met with a lot of pushback for various reasons. Some people complained about Cardi B being a rich rapper who can afford groceries in an inflationary environment. To that, Cardi recorded a video of herself speaking about monitoring the price of all expenses in her home. She claims to review a weekly expenditure sheet and noticed food prices steadily increasing. The lettuce went from around $2 to $7. Cardi acknowledged her success but showed sympathy to middle-class and/or poor people who may struggle with food inflation.

Another complaint to Cardi B’s tweets about food inflation was the obvious and correct one. She voted for Joe Biden. In the video explaining her concern for inflation, she did not mention Biden. Before he was elected in 2020, she endorsed Bernie Sanders. When Bernie dropped out and endorsed Biden, she followed suit. A video does exist of her explaining the reason why she decided to hop on the Joe Biden train after Bernie. The video is probably from mid to late 2020. Her rationale was that she simply cannot deal with Trump anymore. What’s even more interesting is that while complaining about Trump, she also complained about how bad the economy was at that moment. Her decision to back Biden has obviously not paid out and most likely will not.

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Cardi B Blasts Grocery Prices: “I’m Seeing Everything Tripled Up”

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