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Canada Threatens To Revoke Jordan B. Peterson’s Psychology License

The College of Psychologists of Ontario, Canada has threatened to revoke Jordan B. Peterson’s license to practice over “offensive” things. Hundreds, if not thousands of complaints have been filed over things Peterson has said on various platforms, especially the Joe Rogan podcast. Complainants said that his words were hurtful and offensive to others and not necessarily themselves. The two main “crimes” that Peterson has committed lately include criticizing political figures in Canada (including Justin Trudeau) and also “retweeting” a man by the name of Pierre Poilievre. The actions taken against the self-help guru are indicative of a society on the brink of becoming a dictatorship and no longer a bastion of freedom, similar to the possibly bleak future of the United States of America.


Weaponizing the College of Psychologists’ disciplinary process | National Post

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