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Carolina Panthers Hire NFL’s First Transgender Cheerleader

The Carolina Panthers have hired the NFL’s first openly transgender cheerleader. The person is 29 years old and goes by the name of Justine Lindsay. Since there isn’t necessarily an official record of other transgender people in the ranks of NFL cheerleaders, it is simply assumed that Lindsay is the first. Lindsay recently posted on Instagram about being accepted to the Panthers’ cheerleading team, the Topcats. Topcats director Chandalae Lanouette said that Lindsay noted on the application about their transgender status. Lanouette says the transgender issue is not what granted Lindsay a roster spot and it was simply about talent. The timing of this hire seems suspicious since it is Pride Month. The NFL has apparently been trying to become more “progressive” as of late. This recent controversial decision to hire Justine Lindsay appears to be just another step in the “progressive” direction.


Justine Lindsay From Carolinas Topcats Is NFL’s First Trans Cheerleader

Justine Lindsay makes history as NFL’s first openly trans cheerleader

Justine Lindsay, believed to be 1st openly transgender NFL cheerleader, opens up about joining Panthers | Fox News

Justine Lindsay, believed to be NFL’s 1st openly trans cheerleader, ready to ‘break down that door’ with Carolina Panthers’ TopCats

Justine Lindsay becomes the NFL’s first openly transgender cheerleader

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