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CDC Offers Vaccine Considerations to ‘Pregnant People?’

The Centers for Disease Control recently offered its vaccination considerations for “people who are pregnant or breastfeeding” So much for “girl power” in America.

First off, I’ve never seen a man breastfeed a baby. I don’t even want to see someone try.

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Second, the message used to be that women should be acknowledged for what makes them uniquely strong — pregnancy and motherhood included. But now one of the leading public health organizations in America suggests that bringing life into this world is an action done by “people.”

There’s nothing funny or cute or silly about it. What America is witnessing is a blurring of gendered lines, the removal of the very scientifically known boundaries separating what is male and female. The same group of people who would accept the term “pregnant people” are the same people telling us to “trust the science” about the pandemic and vaccines at all.

It’s as if XY and XX chromosomes are simply a figment of our imagination. That all those years of public school science education existed only to dupe American children to believe unknown theories. Now we guess organizations like CDC exist only to correct our misguided notions. Anyone who identifies as male or female can get pregnant. Of course this is true. Trust the “newly updated and woke” science.

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Also, enjoy this contradictory line straight from the CDC:

Additionally, pregnant people with COVID-19 might be at increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as preterm birth, compared with pregnant women without COVID-19.” (Screenshot below)

Source accessed 1/4/20:

So which is it? Pregnant people or pregnant women? This shouldn’t be a trick question, yet here we are. And while this may be obvious to adults with common sense, what about young people who are currently floating around in the confusion of wacked out terminology?

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This isn’t to sound like a feminist, but what ever happened to women being fine just the way they are? Once upon a time we celebrated women for their unique gifts to the world as we know it. We honored women who brought forth life and nurtured their families. Mothers who worked while supporting kids after the passing of a father serving his country. So for a widely known organization to use the term “people” feels as if womanhood and all that makes it special is being erased.

So until we see a man successfully breastfeed a baby, women are women and men are men. And if this statement is deemed controversial, then God help us all.

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