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Trump’s “Find Votes” Call With Raffensperger Was Overblown

President Trump had a phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to discuss allegations of election irregularities in Georgia. Raffensperger’s lawyer, Ryan Germany, also appeared on the call. The main objective of the call appears to be an effort from Trump to get to the bottom of any strange occurrences that happened in the 2020 Presidential election. The media zeroed in on one comment that was made throughout the hour-long conversation to make Trump’s intent appear more sinister.

Nearly every media headline from mainstream news and television has run with some version of the following line: “Trump Pressures Georgia Secretary to Change Outcome Of Election By Asking for 11,779 Votes.” While Trump did mention the 11,779 number as the “magic” number that he would need, he did not “pressure” the Secretary to do anything other than investigate claims of voting irregularities. There have been countless witnesses and at least a handful of alarming videos that demand attention. It is not just Trump who wants the investigation, it is also large numbers of American people.

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Trump did not say anything on the call that has not been said by himself, his lawyers, his constituents, and others in public for the past few weeks and months. Trump himself said on the night of the election after the tabulation was halted that fraud was going on that they would end up in court. Some members of the media and leftist politicians are calling for Trump’s impeachment (again) or even imprisonment for violating election law that calls for a fair and free election. All of the noise around the call is reminiscent of Russiagate, then the Ukraine call impeachment, and every other obstacle placed in front of the President since the 2016 election.


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