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CDC REPORT: Only 6% Of Virus Deaths Were From The Virus Alone!

The CDC reports that only 6% of those who have died from the Chinese virus (COVID-19) in the United States died from the virus alone. On average, the remaining 94% percent of people who died with the virus had an additional 2.6 underlining conditions and/or comorbidities listed as their cause of death. The newly-discovered statistic has exploded all over social media with outrage.


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Most of the outrage surrounding the statistic is due to the fact the virus does not appear dangerous enough to shut down an entire economy over. Businesses have permanently gone out of business, unemployment has dragged on for months, children are still not allowed back in school, sports have been ruined, and the list goes on. The virus has upended the lives of people all around the country and the world. All to save … less than 10,000 people’s lives? That may or may not be totally true.

Time To Separate Fact From Fiction

It is true that only 6% of those who died from the Chinese virus in the United States had the virus and nothing else listed as their cause of death. However, if there are comorbidities listed alongside the virus, then those could have come as a result of the virus. Prime example of a COVID-related comorbidity is pneumonia. But then again, 2020 was a particularly slow flu season. And influenza also causes pneumonia. So it’s possible that the same people who died of the virus and pneumonia would have died from the flu and pneumonia anyway.

Another obvious point to make here is that it is widely known which preexisting conditions aggravate the virus. Obesity, high blood pressure, kidney problems, smoking, and other long problems all lead to virus complications and/or death. Young people, especially children, rarely die of COVID. And when they do, they are almost always obese or they have some type of serious string of illnesses that they may have had since birth.

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Move On

The logical brain of a man looks at all of the numbers directly from the CDC and thinks that the reaction to the virus was way over the top. The masks, the social distancing, the shutdown, the job loss, the interruption of education, and the human stress/emotional toll simply has not been worth it. White House officials are now publicly floating the idea of herd immunity which was done in Sweden with success. That might be the only way out of the current rut the United States finds itself in economically, despite the deserved optimism of the future.


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